4 Prong Basket Setting

This is the traditional setting for stud earrings. It uses four prongs to hold the diamond in a basket-like structure with a flat backside. When the post is inserted through the ear piercing, the flat backside sits against the earlobe and the backing is pushed or screwed onto the post until it is snug. This setting is very nice for diamonds up to 3/4 carat in size (1.5 carat total for the pair) or smaller as the earring will always sit flat against the earlobe and will not droop or hang in a strange way. For studs of 1.5 and higher total carat weight, we recommend selecting the martini setting.

Martini Setting

This setting comes in a four prong version for princess cut diamonds and a three prong version for brilliant cut round diamonds. The main feature is a tapered back (instead of a flat back as on basket setting) that gives the setting the look of a martini glass seen from the side view. This tapered back snuggles nicely into the piercing of the ear and when snugged up by the backing on the post, tends to always sit flat against the ear. Unless you are a woman with a super active lifestyle, such as active sports where your ears might be hit in some way, this setting is quite secure and beautiful for all size studs and is recommended for pairs that are 1.5 cttw or bigger due to their heavier weight.

Bezel Setting

This setting has been in use for precious gems for more than 3 thousand years. It features a metal wrapping around the stone and a flat backside. It is especially nice for diamonds of 1/2 carat or less (stud pairs of 1.0 cttw or less) and is a favored setting for studs worn by children as it has no prongs to catch on clothing or irregular surfaces that might be rough for very delicate hands.