thread back

A half century of making fine jewelry has taught us a couple of things about stud earrings: 1) there is no such thing as "one size fits all", and 2) if there is any new way for an earring to be lost, somebody will discover that way.

The design of the post and back for our stud earrings are a product of this learning and our response to these facts. We offer you the choice of either threaded backs or friction push-on pull-off backs but let us share our thoughts in this.

Friction Backs permit only limited and fixed places on the post where the back can attach. For a surprising number of ear lobes, the available settings will be too tight or too loose and a comfortable good appearance will be impossible. A stud that is too loose on the ear will droop on the ear lobe and make any diamond studs less attractive. But we also know that some women have difficulty trying to screw on a threaded back so for these, a friction back is perfect.

We do NOT offer the fancy push on/screw off combination backs because with use over time, they slowly destroy the threading on the posts. Without warning, one day the back just slides off and the earring drops away and is lost.

Threaded Backs is our preference as this type of post and back allows infinite positioning along the post length. This permits the perfect fit for every ear lobe, never too tight or too loose. And, with the post threaded through two flanges of the backing, there is no chance the backing will ever slip off the post. It stays where you put it and will always look the way you want it.

But ultimately it is your choice that counts and we offer you the choice of either type of back to suit your needs.

Friction Backs
Threaded Backs