30 day returns

Most places you might think of going to buy a pair of diamond stud earrings will shout out "Free 30 Day Returns" or trumpet in your ear "Returns-No Questions Asked" or some other We Are The Best type of slogans. Sure, they are all your best friends. But they go ahead and ding you for shipping costs, handling charges, restock fees, and on and on. And why DON'T they ask questions, like "Were you unhappy with our goods, or service?" They should ask, and they should care if you are not happy with your purchase or experience. And just see how long it takes to have your credit card refunded!

If you come away from this visit with us without buying anything, that's OK. But we want you to leave with the feeling that you have been treated with respect as a shopper and in honesty as a potential customer. So some plain talk about returning items is in order.

Most shoppers know the minute they open a package whether they fully like the item or not. With fine jewelry it happens for every buyer. We can tell you from experience that the moment you lift the lid on the presentation box, 99% of you will know YOU GOT A DEAL. Some might send us a kind note but most will connect with us only when it is again shopping time. But maybe you want a few days to have a local expert appraise your purchase and surely prove it is worth almost twice what you paid. And what can be done for the other 1% who were not dazzled by the beauty of what we shipped them? And finally, what about you guys who buy as a gift and she won't see it for a week or two later and (heaven forbid) she might not like it?

You should know: It costs us money to get an item back. We have to unset the diamonds (bet you didn't know that but loose diamonds can be used for rings, pendants and other earrings but a set of studs sit until they are again sold). It costs us a merchant fee when we do a credit back (card companies make money going out and coming back). And it is just a bookkeeping nightmare as days go by. So we do our best to insure you like what you receive and try to reduce our cost if you must send it back

So here's the Return Policy: for any purchase made anytime from today, you can return the item anytime up to 30 days from date of purchase. If you are unhappy for any reason with the purchase, we will take the item back and upon receipt of the item or items from you in original condition, we will do a full credit (minus $20.00 original shipping cost) back to you. That's it, very simple. We want you to be a satisfied customer and will work hard to make you one.

Now the fine print: Items that have been damaged or altered in any way by any cause or any means will not be returnable. Items must be in new, original purchase condition and returned with gift box and any certificates included in original shipment. Purchases that included a 2 for 1 promotion will be accepted for refund only if ALL items included in the original order are returned in original new condition. Click here for more information on how to return an order.